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Hayah Patient Aid Fund Treatment of Hepatitis A
Heba Project One-time cash aid for Syrian & Yemeni patients for treatment at HMC Cost per unit: QR 4,200 Beneficiaries: 100 patients
Patient Social Support Social initiative to help patients, elderly people, people with special needs, and other vulnerable groups to promote solidarity Cost per unit: QR 420Beneficiaries: 250 patients
Poor Patient Support Financial support for poor families whose breadwinners die or suffer a serious illness that affects their income Cost per unit: QR 5,500 Beneficiaries: 40 patients
Medical Aids Provision of medical aids for patients, e.g. wheelchairs, eyeglasses, and other medical equipment, particularly for elderly people with impairment Cost per unit: QR 10,000 Beneficiaries: 20 patients
Hearing Aids Provision of hearing aids for patients with weak or lost hearing Cost per unit: QR 5,800 Beneficiaries: 46 patients
Auditory Brainstem Implants (ABIs) Coverage of the costs of surgeries for patients with hearing loss due to congenital ear defects Cost per unit: QR 100,800 Beneficiaries: 5 patients
Cochlear Implants (CIs) Coverage of the costs of cochlear implants for patients with hearing loss Cost per unit: QR 87,465 Beneficiaries: 8 patients
Artificial Cardiac Pacemakers & Defibrillators Support of cardiac patients who need defibrillation Cost per cost: QR 57,750 Beneficiaries: 20 patients
Coronary Stents Help for cardiac patients who need stent treatment Cost per unit: QR 21,000 Beneficiaries: 50 patients
Medical Ventilators Provision of medical ventilators for poor patients Cost per unit: QR 5,040 Beneficiaries: 5 patients
Miscellaneous Treatment for poor patients with diabetes, cancer & thalassemias Cost per unit: QR 8,500 Beneficiaries: 50 patients
Hepatitis C Partial coverage of the cost of hepatitis C treatment for vulnerable groups not covered by medical insurance Cost per unit: QR 3,088 Beneficiaries: 5,510 patients
Kidney Failure & Organ Transplantation partial coverage of the cost of treatment for poor kidney failure patients Cost per unit: QR 7,500 Beneficiaries: 22 patients
Together for Benevolence (personal kits) Development project to help vulnerable expatriate workers with personal kits Cost per unit: QR 142 Beneficiaries: 5,000 workers
"Relif" Project for Debt Repayment Repayment of debts for deeply indebted nationals Average cost per person: QR 220,000 Beneficiaries: 20 cases
Air Tickets for Expatriate Workers Purchase of air tickets for poor workers Average cost per unit: QR 5,775 Beneficiaries: 20 cases
"Imdad" Project for Penitentiary Inmate Rehabilitation Organization of three vocational training courses for penitentiary inmates in welding, electricity, refrigeration & A/C Beneficiaries: 120 inmates & 200 inmate families
Economic Empowerment Monthly (cash & in-kind) aid for poor families Value of cash aid: QR 1,000 Value of in-kind aid: QR 1,000 Beneficiaries: 1,000 cases
Training/Qualification Courses for Housewives Capacity-building for housewives with sepcialist training courses/programmes in family development Cost per unit: QR 6,050 Beneficiaries: 100 women
Act of Benevolence Monthly cash & in-kind aid for resident poor students Cost per unit: QR 2,400 Beneficiaries: 250 students
"Ukful" Project for Students with Special Needs Support of students with special needs by partial or full financial coverage & provision of academic tools Cost per unit: QR 36,600 Beneficiaries: 60 students
"Ukful" Project for Poor Students Financial coverae for students from poor families & provision of academic tools Cost per unit: QR 11,000 Beneficiaries: 70 students
"Adepts" Project Capacity-building for schoolchildren with development programmes & training courses on positive behaviour under QRCS School Program Cost per unit: QR 6,600 Beneficiaries: 25 schools
"Sanad" Project for University Students Financial coverae for university students from poor families & provision of academic tools Cost per unit: QR 22,385 Beneficiaries: 20 students
Aid for Children of Deceased Workers One-time cash aid for children of workers who die while receiving treatment Cost per unit: QR 15,750 Beneficiaries: 22 cases
Academic Vouchers Academic vouchers for poor students to purchase stationery for school Cost per unit: QR 500 Beneficiaries: 400 students
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